Hello, these are your special reporters (Romeo and Balthazar), and we are going to present you our trip in Liverpool. We took the bus in the morning to go to the Limoges Airport. After waiting in the airport, we took the plane to John Lennon Airport (Liverpool) at 3:00 PM.

We arrived and we took the bus to Sacred Heart Catholic College, where we met our exchange partners.
We were so excited to meet them!
In the evening, some of us went to a firework display in a Rugby club. It was really amazing, and there were some attractions!

On Saturday morning, we went to the school to say if we had any problems with our families.
Luckily, all was fine with all of us.
Then, with Yann, Gabriel, Jordan and Simon, and our partners, we went to the city center.
We visited the museum of Liverpool, and after visiting the entire city center, we went to the big wheel.
It was dark, and we saw the city by night, it was really great !

Then, on Sunday, we went to the beach, with a great weather (joke). We saw steel men all around the beach.
We asked our exchange partners what they represented, and they said that it was an artwork of the sculptor Anthony Gormley.

On Monday, we went to their school. It looks like Harry Potter's school ! We attended French, Art, and Economy lessons and for the last hour we were lucky enough to have a mathematics class with M. Pye.

On Tuesday, we went to Manchester to visit the museum of Industry and Science and after we ate in a Chinese restaurant with spicy food. We had free time to go shopping in the commercial center.

On Wednesday, we went to a primary school where we received a great welcome. Here we took part in the ceremony for the 11 November and we presented the city of Saintes to the children! After we had tea with pupils of the school and it was a great experience.

On Thursday, we went to Liverpool City Center, with Mrs Brunet and Mrs Harry. We visited the slavery museum. It was interesting ! Then, we ate in the town, and in the evening, we (with Simon and our exchange partners) went to the cinema. It was a very big cinema, and we saw Paranormal Activity V. The film wasn't so good, but we had fun, and this was great ! We knew that it was the last day, so we really enjoyed it.

On Friday, we went to school. We did 2 hours in class, and then we went in the grounds. A bus was waiting for us. The girls cried, because 6 months without their exchange partner it going to be hard ! But we took the bus to the airport. The plane was delayed (something like 3 hours). So we waited in the airport, and we were all tired ! We arrived in Limoges at 8 PM. Then we took the bus for Saintes. We all went to our houses, and we learnt the news in live. If this (the horrible attacks) had happened one week earlier, we couldn't have done this really good trip !

We want to thank you all, all the French and all the English, but we thank the teachers too. Thank you for organizing the trip, we will remember this all our lives!

Romeo Gaches-Sibert and Balthazar Richard
12 December 2015

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